Number walls are a tool for analyzing integer sequences. The sequence is input into the top row, and the other rows of numbers are calculated according to the cross rule (by solving for D):

There are other more elaborate rules for cases where zeros make the cross rule useless (when C is 0). For more details, see this Mathologer video.

UI note: For numbers that don't fit, I just write "big", but you can hover over the cell to see the actual value.


Color modulo: Off

Grow/shrink wall: 🡅 🡇 🡆 🡄

Using the number wall, we can deduce a recurrence relation for the sequence:

The predicted next values are:

The number wall doesn't converge to zeros. Either there is no simple recurrence relation, or we haven't evaluated enough of the wall.

and after aaaaaaall
you're my number waaaaaaall